In between Kalaw and Mandalay lies the town of Ywangan. With its vast, spectacular landscape, Ywangan is undoubtedly a place worth visiting and a sight worth seeing. Though popular for its glistening lake which is believed to be sacred by the local people, Ywangan has so much more to offer. The mountain pagoda, which sits atop a group of white and gold stupas set into the cliff, is definitely something you do not want to miss. Another interesting place to visit is a large cave which contains prehistoric artwork from over 15,000 years ago. However, since this area has only opened its doors to the public recently, getting to the cave can prove to be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, Ywangan is a amazing spectacle if you are looking to go an adventure, taste a cup of mouth-watering coffee or learn about ancient history.

How to get around?

Top Attractions:

Blue Lake

Ywangan is well-known for its clear blue lake where tourists and locals enjoy
the magical view in a tranquil environment.


Find yourself surrounded by nature in Ywangan. Most tourists spend some
time to chill in Ywangan Waterfall.

Coffee Tour

Famous for its coffee products, Ywangan offers coffee tour for visitors to learn
about the coffee plantation and processing. Of course, tourists can also enjoy
the taste of local coffee.

5 day-market

During the market day,people from different ethnic groups will come down to
the market and sell their unique products. It is a good time to explore local
products and observe the interaction between the locals.