A destination that has just recently opened for tourists, Pekon is ideal for travellers who are looking for somewhere that is off the tourist trail. Nestled in a beautiful, natural surrounding, Pekon is known as a paradise for bird watching and also its small churches.

While the main livelihood of the local people here is farming, you can also observe rice whiskey workshops and visit the plants where local snacks are produced. A nearby cave also provides spectacular views of Pekon.  Pekon can be reached by a five hour boat journey from Nyaung Shwe and you can also visit Loikaw before arriving here. Pekon is the home of the Kayan ethnic group. Kayan ladies are known for the cultural practice of covering their necks with brass coils. 

How to get around?

Top Attractions:

Loi Man Cave

The cave is located in a hill and let visitors enjoy the landscape of the town.

Old Church

There are several Roman-Catholic Churches in town where tourists can visit
and observe during their visit to Pekon.


5 day-market

During the market day, people from different ethnic groups will come down to
the market and sell their unique products. It is a good time to explore local
products and observe the interaction between the locals.

Local Villages

Tourists can visit Loi Paw and Nang Paw Long Village where they can experience
and learn about local daily livelihood.