Kalaw is a small town with a cool climate, famous since colonial times. This hill station is a haven for tourists escaping the tropical heat and with its variety of mountain style resorts, it is well known as a place of relaxation. Visitors can see a number of beautiful heritage buildings, for example, churches and houses; a legacy from British colonial times.  It also has an old train station that still operates twice daily, connecting the town to surrounding cities. For tourists who are interested in trekking, Kalaw is a popular route to reach Inle Lake. Hikers can enjoy breathtaking scenery through the mountainous landscape; a place to truly appreciate nature. As part of the trek, tourists also have an opportunity to stay at local villages to gain an insight into the life of the local community.

Kalaw was originally founded by the British to escape the heat of the surrounding plains; today, it is still home to notable communities of Sikhs, Nepalese, and Indians, who having ensconced themselves in the area since their ancestors came to build roads and railroads for the British. This hill station showcases the influences of both Indian and Nepalese cultures to perfection, which are especially telling in the delectable cuisines.

How to get around?

Top Attractions:

Heritage Buildings

There are many heritage buildings located in Kalaw town within walking
distance. Tourists can do heritage walk in Kalaw, following the routes that have
been recorded on Kalaw Map.


Kalaw is a famous entry point for trekking to Inle Lake. Many tourists do 2D1N
or 3D2N trekking to Inle Lake. Most tourists stay overnight in local villages and
experience local life during their trip. There are many agencies offering trekking
services in Kalaw Town.

5 day-market

During the market day, people from different ethnic groups will come down to
the market and sell their unique products. It is a good time to explore local
products and observe the interaction between the locals.

Kalaw View Point

Located on the top of the hill, Kalaw View Point is a favorite spot to enjoy the
magical mountainous landscape. It is a resting place which offers an authentic
Nepalese cuisine.

Elephant Camp

Visitors can explore an elephant camp that is organised by passionate people
who want to share their passion on elephants in Kalaw.