A place with over two thousand stupas, Kakku is a destination well worth visiting. With a stunning landscape, tourists are transported back to the early 17thcentury, when it was first created by the King of Bagan. Walking towards the pagoda, visitors will be surrounded by small shrines where they can hear the harmonious chiming of the bells; a truly magical sound.

In March, tourists can participate in the Full Moon Day; where the Pa-Oh give offerings of food to the Buddha and monks. Visitors will be able to see the locals wearing their colourful traditional costumes, meeting their friends from the other villages.There is also the opportunity to visit the Pa-Oh village and market to see local houses and observe the daily life of Pa-Oh people.

How to get around?

Top Attractions:

Kakku Pagoda

There are over 2000 pagodas, most of which are 3m to 4m high and laying in
neat rows. It is believed that the complex was built over seven hundred years ago.

Pa-Oh Villages

Most villages around Kakku is belong to Pa-Oh ethnic group. Tourists can explore
and learn about their daily livelihood, as well as taste their authentic cuisines.

5 day-market

During the market day, people from different ethnic groups will come down to
the market and sell their unique products. It is a good time to explore local
products and observe the interaction between the locals.