Inle Region is a sanctuary for wildlife and a home for various endemic fish and hundreds of bird species. With its diverse geographical landscapes, birdwatching activity in Inle Region has attracted birdwatchers around the world. There are at least seven rare species can be spotted throughout the region, including Dark-Backed Sibia with maroon color, Burmese Yuhina, Rufous-rumpped Grass-babbler, Collared Myna, Jerdon’s Bushcat.

The favorite destinations for many birdwatchers in Inle Region are Kalaw, Inle Lake, Ywangan, and Pindaya. The best season to do this activity is in the winter season, starting from September to February. Most people will spend at least 2 nights in Kalaw and 2 nights in Inle Lake.

Birding in Inle Region will give you unique experiences through different activities, such as trekking in the forest, camping in the mountain, staying in local villages, and observing birds on the boat. There are some locations that can only be reached by the boat. For birding, you need to bring your own binoculars and handbook.

There are Ornithologists who have excellent knowledge about the habitat of birds in the region. However, since there are limited number of experts in the region, it is better to book your trip in advance to make the most out of your trip.


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