Inle By Cycle

The Shan State as a whole is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. With kilometres of roads, which are relatively car free, it makes it a very sustainable way to see the area. The rolling hills offer scenic beauty and the changing seasons colour. One can even combine the cycling with car, boat or even train transfers, allowing for a wonderful way to see the country, on your own power.

Since 2017, the Inle By Cycle initiative has brought together enthusiasts, businesses and stakeholders to work on bringing out more cycling products in the Inle Region. This has resulted in a growing list of routes developed by the community of riders, and cycling events, making the Inle Region quite the hub for cycling activity.

Cycling Routes

The area around Inle Lake, Samkar Lake, Taunggyi and Kalaw are the most developed in the cycling scene, and have a growing resource of trails recorded by local and international enthusiasts.

These cover all styles of cycling, from cross-country, touring, enduro and even some downhilling.

Find your preferred routes on below map or click here for the route options and grade of difficulties.


Different levels of mountain bikes and non-technical cycles are available in Kalaw, Nyaungshwe and Taunggyi. The shops all offer mechanical service and bikes such as Trek, Giant, Q-Factor, etc are all available. Both hard-tail bikes and a small selection of full suspension bikes are available. If you want to do serious endure or downhilling, you have to bring a bike in from Yangon, or your own bikes. Safety Myanmar has no heli-rescue, but the area has a technically sound hospital and clinic developed just for travellers. This is a big asset, considering biking is an adventure sport. Come with adequate insurance. Most trails are easily accessible using jeeps, motorcycles so rescue is not complicated. More and more guides are now trained in first aid, as the MTB scene develops.


Events are a big reason to come to the Inle Region, timing with races and mass rides. The regular events happening in the region include the Taunggyi Downhill Race and the InleByCycle Mass Ride


One can find local suppliers for bikes, tours and trips in Kalaw, Nyuangshwe and Taunggyi. Lots of local hotels also have bikes on hire, but will not offer guided trips. Bike companies in Yangon also bring in tours and cycling holidays into the area.


InleByCycle LogoCycling is used by locals in almost all the little towns to get around, and there is a growing community of local leisure bikers – from cross-coutry, downhill, enduro and touring styles. Events such as the InleByCycle mass ride, Taunggyi Downhill race and Taunggyi cross country challenges add to the flavour. Join the local community to ride with them, learn more about when events are happening to make the most of your cycling journey.

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